Red Stain Removal | Red Spot Removal | Kool Aid Stain Removal

 Red Stain Removal

Red stain removal from your carpet can be frustrating without a little training.  So let’s take a few minutes to turn you into an expert.

Step #1: Determine if the red stain is from a synthetic dye or from an organic dye.  This is very simple to do because synthetic dyes are shiny and bright like stains from gatorade or fruit punch.  If the stain is dark and dull then it is most likely an organic stain such as blood or wine.

Step #2: Apply a small amount of Red Relief as seen on the video over the red stain.

Step #3:  Soak a plain white cotton towel with cold water and place over red stain

Step #4:  Set iron to hottest setting and place on stain over wet towel.  Leave iron over towel for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Step #5:  Lift iron and remove towel to check red color removal.  If color is lighter but still visible, then cover with towel and place iron back over stain.

Step #6:  You may continue applying heat for up to 5 minutes on nylon carpets.  Other carpet fibers including polyester and olefin have lower melting points and require more caution as you may accidentally melt the face yarns.

Red Spot Removal

Removing red spots is a little different because carpet spots are caused by actual solid particles stuck to your carpet.  Close your eyes and feel the spot with your finger tips.  If you can feel any foreign objects on your carpet then clean the are with a quality carpet spot remover.  I recommend using Avenge™ carpet spot remover.

Red Stain Removal

Red Stain Removal

Red Wine Stain Removal

Removing red wine stains from carpet is the easiest thing to do.  Simply spray any wine stain with a product called Stain Zone™ and watch it disappear.  Be sure to always test any stain removal product in a hidden area to ensure it will not affect the natural color or your carpet.

Kool Aid Stain Removal

Red Kool Aid Stains are all caused by synthetic dyes.  Simply follow the same steps used to remove red stains.

List of Products Used in This Video

  1. Clothes Iron
  2. White cotton towel
  3. Water
  4. Red Relief ™ Red Stain Remover

If you need additional help with red stain removal from your carpet, feel free to give us a call at Las Cruces Carpet Cleaning.  We’d love to help you with your carpet too.

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