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 Red Stain Removal

Red stain removal from your carpet can be frustrating without a little training.  So let’s take a few minutes to turn you into an expert.

Step #1: Determine if the red stain is from a synthetic dye or from an organic dye.  This is very simple to do because synthetic dyes are shiny and bright like stains from gatorade or fruit punch.  If the stain is dark and dull then it is most likely an organic stain such as blood or wine.

Step #2: Apply a small amount of Red Relief as seen on the video over the red stain.

Step #3:  Soak a plain white cotton towel with cold water and place over red stain

Step #4:  Set iron to hottest setting and place on stain over wet towel.  Leave iron over towel for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Step #5:  Lift iron and remove towel to check red color removal.  If color is lighter but still visible, then cover with towel and place iron back over stain.

Step #6:  You may continue applying heat for up to 5 minutes on nylon carpets.  Other carpet fibers including polyester and olefin have lower melting points and require more caution as you may accidentally melt the face yarns.

Red Spot Removal

Removing red spots is a little different because carpet spots are caused by actual solid particles stuck to your carpet.  Close your eyes and feel the spot with your finger tips.  If you can feel any foreign objects on your carpet then clean the are with a quality carpet spot remover.  I recommend using Avenge™ carpet spot remover.

Red Stain Removal

Red Stain Removal

Red Wine Stain Removal

Removing red wine stains from carpet is the easiest thing to do.  Simply spray any wine stain with a product called Stain Zone™ and watch it disappear.  Be sure to always test any stain removal product in a hidden area to ensure it will not affect the natural color or your carpet.

Kool Aid Stain Removal

Red Kool Aid Stains are all caused by synthetic dyes.  Simply follow the same steps used to remove red stains.

List of Products Used in This Video

  1. Clothes Iron
  2. White cotton towel
  3. Water
  4. Red Relief ™ Red Stain Remover

If you need additional help with red stain removal from your carpet, feel free to give us a call at Las Cruces Carpet Cleaning.  We’d love to help you with your carpet too.


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Las Cruces Carpet Cleaning – YouTube Client Video Review

Today we are visiting with Sharon who just had her carpet cleaned and this is what she had to say about our service:

Hi.  My name is Sharon Mitchell and I’ve had Las Cruces Carpet Cleaning for about 4 to 5 years now and I’ve always been pleased with them.  They’ve always done an excellent job and I would recommend them to family and friends which I already have.  So if you are considering it, I would highly recommend Las Cruces Carpet Cleaning because they do a wonderful job and you’ll see a considerable difference.  Even months afterwards and how long it can stay.  So I trust you will and you’ll have the same report.

Submitted by:  Sharon Mitchell

Sets The Standard for Professional Carpet Cleaners in Las Cruces, New Mexico

David‎ – Aug 16, 2011

Las Cruces Carpet Cleaning definitely sets the standard for professional carpet cleaners in New Mexico! They did a great job on our carpets. Overall efficient, friendly, and courteous. We would highly recommend Las Cruces Carpet Cleaning to others.

Submitted by: David Escobedo,  White Sands Missile Range

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services: Letter of Recommendation – Las Cruces Carpet Cleaning

Looking For A Reliable Commercial Carpet Cleaning Company in Las Cruces, NM?

We’ve Been Cleaning Commercial Carpet For Over 17 Years

Nobody, Absolutely Nobody, Outcleans Las Cruces ’Commercial Carpet Cleaning!’

Hi, My Name is Emilio Martinez.  I am Operations Manager of Las Cruces Carpet Cleaning.  We are a carpet cleaning and water restoration company servicing Las Cruces, NM and Dona Ana County for over 17 years.  We are very serious about providing clients the very best carpet cleaning experience possible.

See What LifeTime Clients Have To Say About Our Service and Decide for Yourself:

To Whom It May Concern:Commercial Carpet Cleaning Las Cruces, NM

My name is Gabriel A Hernandez and I am President of Las Cruces Behavioral Medicine  Associates, Inc.  This letter is to express my most sincere appreciation and thanks to FiberCare Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning.

Here at my practice we have 4 clinicians, a staff of 8 and we see an average of 25 to 35 patients on any given day.  When we moved into this office a little over a year ago, our carpet was brand new.  We have had our carpet cleaned by other  companies on several other occasions since our move in, and our carpet was never fully cleaned or restored back to what it looked like when we first moved in.

We recently had several leaks in our roof due to some of the rain storms and the carpet was really beginning to stink.  Our carpet also had stains from drinks, food, as well as regular daily wear and tear.  Emilio and his brother came out, gave us a competitive commercial carpet cleaning quote, and I decided to go ahead and move forward with their proposal.  When they were done, the carpet here at my practice looked brand new again.  All stains were gone and the smell was gone.  I will continue to only use FiberCare in the future.  I have already and will continue to recommend FiberCare to any business or anyone looking for a commercial carpet cleaning company.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or my office manages Cristina Adame or Jason Warlow at any time.

Best Regards,

Gabriel A Hernandez, M.D

Las Cruces Behavioral Medicine Associates, Inc.
Dr Gabriel A Hernandez
1505 Don Roser Dr, Ste A
Las Cruces, NM  88011
Office:  575-521-3388
Fax:  575-521-4023

See more client recommendations at:  Las Cruces Carpet Cleaning Reviews

We specialize in carpet cleaning the following types of commercial facilities:  Retail Stores, Government Office Buildings, Lawyers Offices, Doctors Offices, Medical Offices, Churches, Hospitals, Retirement Homes / Communities, Daycares, Hotels, and Ballrooms

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Remove Pet Urine Odor – Tips by Las Cruces Carpet Cleaning


Pet Odor Removal - Las CrucesPet odor removal from urine caused by indoor dogs and cats is really a three prong problem.  The stain is most noticeable and often most embarrassing of them all.  The odor and contamination are the bigger issues but are often not taken seriously.If we don’t locate all the urine deposits, our results will be less than 100% and the homeowner will feel they were ripped-off. To locate all the urine, we must use our eyes, nose, and help from our moisture detectors and UV lights.


The nose is the most obvious since pet urine is communicating to our nose that there is a problem in your home.  Locating urine with your nose is the most exact method, but can be very time consuming and very unsanitary.  Unfortunately, urine odors will defuse in the air and in order to locate a “puppy puddle” you have to do it on your hands and knees, literally sniffing every square inch of your carpet.  I recommend removing as much air circulation as possible before starting.  This will help pinpoint the urine deposits quicker.  You can remove air flow by closing all doors and windows, turning off the air conditioner and any ceiling fans inside the house.  Now you’re ready to go to work.


If you don’t want to crawl around on your hands and knees a moisture detector can help you locate the pet urine odor.

How is this possible?  When urine exits the pets body it arrives in the form of an acid. However, as urine dries, it changes chemically into an alkaline salt.  This alkaline salt is “hygroscopic” and this means that it absorbs moisture.  It actually holds quite a bit of moisture and can set off a moisture detector (aka. moisture probe) when you poke or “probe” the carpet and carpet cushion.  What happens is that the moisture in the alkaline salts conduct electricity and there is and electrical current between the 2 probes.  Poking a urine puddle will complete the circuit when moisture is present.

I wish I could say this tool was full proof, but it’s not.  A moisture detector will only alert you when there is around 16 percent moisture content.  This isn’t always possible in our extremely dry climate.


Urine deposits will fluoresce or “glow” under UV light.  It doesn’t take much urine to show up under a UV light.  However, there are low intensity lights and there are more powerful higher intensity lights that can help you locate urine deposits and odors faster.

In either case, its a good idea to remove as much light from the affected room as possible.   Turning off lights and putting black plastic sheeting over open windows will help find the smallest puddles during daylight hours.  If the room has too many windows or skylights then wait till dusk or night time to locate the pet urine.

Wearing amber glasses (aka: amber safety goggles) also helps magnify the glow.  These goggles filter unwanted light from the fluorescent areas we are trying to find.  They also protect your eyes from harmful UV light.  Do yourself a favor and wear them, you’ll be glad you did.


I thought all urine would look alike.  I was WRONG!  Ironically, dog urine will fluoresce in a yellow color and cat urine will fluoresce in a more “greenish” color.  The shape of the puddle is also important as spills tend to have shapes that communicate when something “just doesn’t look right.”  Urine can also appear to fluoresce in a “bluish” color.  This happens when you add cleaners in an attempt to remove pet urine deposits.  What will appear blue are the optical brighteners added to cleaning detergents.  It doesn’t mean there is no odor, it just means you have to use the nose test to determine if there is still odor present in that area.


It is possible to locate urine deposits and get 100% results.  However, it usually requires disengaging the carpet and inspecting it upside down.  You will see the all the urine puddles on the carpet’s backing wherever a problem exits.  Most consumers will not employ this method because of the work involved and the cost associated in putting things back.  However it is very reliable and often employed to fix the most sever odor problems.


You’ve learned about some powerful tools that can help you locate this “invisible” problem.  You’ve also learned that you can locate the problem when all you have are your senses.  Take advantage of all your resources and mark every urine deposit you find with some white chalk or 3M painters tape to ensure 100% success when you begin treating the pet odors.  You’ll be glad you did.


I’ve been doing pet odor removal for over 17 years in my Las Cruces Carpet Cleaning business and treating pet urine problems is by far the most difficult aspect of my profession.  It’s my experience (and I will share all with you) that when you’re lucky all you have to do is saturate and area with your favorite pet odor removal solution (there are dozens out there), let it work til the odor is gone and rinse and extract it out.  This is a great technique on most spots but you will encounter some very stubborn areas that have very strong pet odor.  Those areas will require strong pet odor removal treatments and may require replacing carpet pad to remove all the pet odor.

If you do encounter stubborn “smelly” spots, call a professional.  Certified professional carpet cleaners (most are NOT certified) know what to do and carry the right products.  They can fix the most difficult pet odor problems for you.  So if saving time, money, and aggravation is important to you, give us a call.

Another great resource for pet odor removal is this great article written by carpet cleaning expert Scott Warrington titled:  Locating Sources of Urine Odor

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