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Carpet Cleaning is a competitive business.  It seems that every time you turn around you are bombarded with misleading advertisements.  Most from dozens of carpet cleaners passing out coupons willing to “clean” your carpet at a discount rate.  But does that mean their service is going to meet or exceed your cleaning needs and expectations?

With that said, should you rely on the cheapest advertised special to eliminate your most difficult, most embarrasing carpet spots, stains and pet odors?  Maybe its better to go with your gutt instinct and look for the best service by searching for detailed client reviews.

Reviews come from real people like you.  Wben you read client reviews, you get to know the person coming to your home to perform the work before you meet them.   You also save lots of time not having to read misleading yellow page ads or calling friends for referrals.  The likelyhood that you’ll fall in love with your service provider is much greater when you work with businesses that share similar values.

Carpet cleaning reviews can also share insight about a companies technical ability.  If your carpet has serious problems, lets say red wine stains, then look for positive reviews from a company that has experience dealing with stains from spills.  With that said, it may be better to stay away from those that don’t mention experience with spot and stain removal.

Here’s an example of a 5-star client review posted after a positive experience with a local carpet cleaner in Las Cruces, NM.

Totally professional! Amazing company! We initially contacted Emilio to clean a heavy, thick-piled wool area rug. It was treated with care, and the rug came back looking exactly like new! I then contacted him regarding oil stains on solid-colored wool chair upholstery. Once again–perfect! Las Cruces is lucky to have access to such expertise. You can be confident with their advise and service. They are professional, trustworthy, prompt and expert! You won’t believe how great they are!

Sincerely, Marlane Parra

This customer was obviously a repeat client and mentioned the technician had experience working with both wool rugs and oily stains on upholstery.  Both experiences were great and the reviewer was willing to sign her real name to her report.

Remember, don’t leave your carpet and upholstery cleaning needs to chance.  There’s plenty you can do to find experienced, qualified professionals that you’ll want to recommend yourself to friends and family.

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