Our Service Area includes all of Las Cruces, Dona Ana County & White Sands Missile Range: Sonoma Ranch, Talavera, A-Mountain, Baylor Canyon,  Las Alturas, Del Rey, Picacho Hills, Mesilla, Mesilla Park, Onate, Morning Star, Settler’s Pass and Surrounding Areas. With so many carpet cleaners out there, how do you know which one […] Read more »

Sets The Standard for Professional Carpet Cleaners in Las Cruces, New Mexico

David‎ – Aug 16, 2011 Las Cruces Carpet Cleaning definitely sets the standard for professional carpet cleaners in New Mexico! They did a great job on our carpets. Overall efficient, friendly, and courteous. We would highly recommend Las Cruces Carpet Cleaning to others. Submitted by: David Escobedo,  White Sands Missile […] Read more »

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services: Letter of Recommendation – Las Cruces Carpet Cleaning

Looking For A Reliable Commercial Carpet Cleaning Company in Las Cruces, NM? We’ve Been Cleaning Commercial Carpet For Over 17 Years Nobody, Absolutely Nobody, Outcleans Las Cruces ’Commercial Carpet Cleaning!’ Hi, My Name is Emilio Martinez.  I am Operations Manager of Las Cruces Carpet Cleaning.  We are a carpet cleaning and water restoration […] Read more »

Remove Pet Urine Odor – Tips by Las Cruces Carpet Cleaning

LOCATE  “STUBBORN” SOURCES OF URINE FOR 100% PET ODOR REMOVAL Pet odor removal from urine caused by indoor dogs and cats is really a three prong problem.  The stain is most noticeable and often most embarrassing of them all.  The odor and contamination are the bigger issues but are often […] Read more »

Carpet Cleaning Methods – Understanding Hot Water Extraction

It came to my attention the other day that most consumers don’t really understand what it means to carpet clean your carpet using the Hot Water  Extraction method.  Often, in my Las Cruces Carpet Cleaning business, I’m often asked if we use hot water extraction.  It is a very good question, but customers […] Read more »

Easiest Way To Clean Your Tile and Grout – Tips by Las Cruces Carpet Cleaning

Looking for the Best Way to Clean Your Tile and Grout? If your home is a few years old and your beautiful ceramic tile floors are looking dingy then it may be time to have them professionally cleaned.  Pets, kids and lots of foot traffic is often blamed for those […] Read more »

Carpet Cleaning – Customer Reviews

Carpet Cleaning is a competitive business.  It seems that every time you turn around you are bombarded with misleading advertisements.  Most from dozens of carpet cleaners passing out coupons willing to “clean” your carpet at a discount rate.  But does that mean their service is going to meet or exceed your […] Read more »

Pet Odor Removal Tips – How To Stay Ahead Of The Problem

The best thing to do is prevention.  But like most of us, you probably can’t bear to leave “Fido” outside permanently, and neither could I.  So, take the following steps to prevent costly repairs: Purchase a black light and use it periodically to look for “invisible” urine spots in carpets […] Read more »